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Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam

Code: VAR-PROD-04
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Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam


Discover our new Floor-cleaning solution – naturally clean with the first wipe.

Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam

Naturally clean with the first wipe

Cleans and cares for all your ground surfaces – the floor gives the room the special touch of ambience. Trust the eco-friendly cleaning solution with the Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam.

With our one of a kind ZUS floor cleaning formula you clean all your floor coverings deeply. Naturally we have decided not to use any kind of chemicals for the Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam. Clean all you floors biologically, without preservatives, which is also particularly gentle to the environment and your hands

The Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam cleans powerfully, removes dirt and grease effortlessly and leaves your floors sparkling clean from just the first wipe. The pleasant scent ensures a long-lasting freshness. 



Achieve a powerful and gentle cleanliness for all your floors with the Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam, and effortlessly remove everyday and stubborn dirt and grease. 

The Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam dries quickly and leaves a streak and residue free surface.

The pleasant scent ensures a long-lasting freshness, even after wiping. 
Your floors are protected against abrasion, wear and moisture, and with regular use your floors will keep its beauty for a long time. Thanks to the caring ZUS-floor cleaning formula.

The Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam is universally applicable, without any effort you can clean ALL floor coverings:


  • Unglazed & glazed tiles (also high-gloss or porcelain stoneware tiles) 
  • Laminate, plastic / PVC, design laminate, vinyl and rubber 
  • Natural wood floors, sealed / Oiled parquet, cork, linoleum, wooden planks (glazed or oiled)

Natural stone floors, marble, terrazzo, slate, granite and many more

(please note the cleaning and care instructions of the flooring manufacturer) TIP: Natural woods floors, parquet, cork, linoleum, wooden planks, laminate only wipe damp


Only use the Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam in mop water. We recommend 2 caps (about 50ml) of the Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam on 1 bucket (5l) of hand warm water and wipe your floors as usual. Tip: only wipe with a damp cloth to avoid heavy soaking

Tip: for heavy dirt, simply remove the stain with the
Zielinsky Universal-Stone first
Ingredients: 5-15% soap, soap flakes, curd soap, glycerin soap, perfume, water

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