Environmentally conscious and clean!
Cleaning with a clear conscience!

aktiv für die Umwelt


No one needs aggressive chemical cleaners and cabinets full of cleaning agents. Bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, scouring mild, tile cleaner, shine cleaner, oven cleaner, floor cleaner, lime remover, degreaser, surface protection agent.
Do you really need an extra product for each application? NO! We have combined all this in the Zielinsky Universal-Stone and the Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam. With these you save the world and make it cleaner with no plastic waste and you even save money doing so. Clean sustainably and at the same time protect your health and the environment. 
Form the beginning, our goal was not only to simplify daily cleaning work, but also to pay special attention to its environmental compatibility, ecological compatibility and complete biodegradability. That’s the reason we have not included any poison, acid or phosphate in our products.
In unseren Reinigungsmitteln stecken nur natürliche Grundstoffe.
Our Cleaning agents contain only natural raw materials. (All that nature has given us)Made in Germany, without animal testing.

• Phosphate-free, acid-free, non-toxic
• No danger to children or pets
• No more watery eyes or shortness of breath when brushing
• Gently to your hands and skin
• Lowest allergy risk
• Skin friendly

Simply clean and sustainable!
OECD 301 B – good biodegradable, according to test reports
OECD 302 B – good biodegradable, according to test reports