The history of the company Zielinsky Universal-Stone

Our products promise cleanness on side and a clean environment on the other.

Master baker Norbert Zielinsky Sr. (1951-2014) banned common caustic and poisonous cleaning devils form his bakery at the the beginning of the 80s and was looking for a sparing alternative. For years, the baker experimented with new recipes to clean his plates, bowls and wooden boards. In 1984, Zielinsky Sr., together with his wife Gabriele, finally found the optimum mixture of natural raw materials: his ideal cleaning agent goes with soap flakes and green soap and stuck grease and dirt up to their neck. Natural abrasives, finest polishing clay, got rid of even the most stubborn drift from sensitive surfaces, without leaving scratches. A pinch of glycerine rolls water off of the cleaned surfaces, and a hint of lemon oil gives the composition a fresh scent.

All ingredients are toxic and acid free, fully biodegradable, phosphate-free and skin friendly. His wife Gaby stirred the moisture in a 20-liter cooking pot on the stove and filled it into containers. Since the universal mixture contains very little water it becomes rock hard at the end of the production, so the couple christened their invention the Universal-Stone.

In the beginning, the family used the practical cleaning agent only in the own household. Then, the sale of smaller quantities began at weekly fairs and markets in the area. The result? The stone sold like a piece of cake. Soon Norbert Zielinsky Sr. no longer earned his daily bread with bread but only with the Universal-Stone.

On November the 15th, 1988, the name and the associated white tree logo on a green background were made protected as a trademark.

Form the beginning, the company is in family hands, today in the second generation.

Von Anfang an ist der Betrieb in Familienhand, heute bereis in zweiter Generation.

The products form Zielinsky are mode exclusively in Germany, in East Frisian Uplengen

Das Zielinsky-Team

There are three packing sizes: jars of 650g 900g and the 4kg bucket. A four person household should last up to two years with a 900g jar, since the Universal-Stone is not only extremely thrifty it also has an unlimited shelf life. Feedback from satisfied customers speak for itself. Once you bought the Universal-Stone you will never want to miss it again and sometime the product is more diverse than its inventors ever thought.

Since 2018, the Company has introduced a floor cleaner, Zielinsky Universal Bodenbalsam, of course has the company again renounced to use chemicals to this product. The product has convinced our customers within a very short time.