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Universal-Stone 900g

household tin, contents: 900 g weight when packed

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<p>Buy 10 pieces and get 1 piece for <strong>FREE!</strong> (20 + 2 etc.)</p>


Environmentally friendly. Universal-cleaning-STONE

Uncomplicated. Effective. Thrifty.

  • No chemical ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • Without acids
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Gentle to people, the nature and animals
  • Gentle to your skin
  • Food safe
  • Free of colouring and preservatives
  • Free of synthetic additives such as silicon and polymers
  • Natural-fresh scent
  • Gently even with daily use
  • Easy application
  • Gentle application, by foam formation
  • Highly concentrated universal cleaner
  • Extremely thrifty to use – Unlimited shelf life
  • Universally applicable in the kitchen, bathroom and everywhere
  • Intensive effortless cleaning
  • High effectiveness even with heavy soiling
  • Perfect against dirt, grease and lime scale
  • Streak-free cleaning on all surfaces
  • Removes lime scale, water and soap residues
  • Gently cleaning on mirrors, glass and tiles of any sort
  • Cleans and seals paints and plastics
  • Produces high gloss on vehicles
  • Protection against the weather
  • Gloss and beading effect included
  • Made in Germany from natural raw materials

Universal-Stone: environmentally friendly and effective cleaning in harmony with nature!

We promise a responsible ecological cleaning performance!


Household can

  • 900g, fresh weight
  • Can, dark green and screw cap light green, made of environmentally friendly PP
  • Allow to dry after use

Made in Germany, from natural ingredients Inhaltsstoffe

<p>Discover the extraordinary versatility of the Universal-Stone and clean everything that you ever wanted a cleaning solution for. In the kitchen, dissolves fat effortlessly; Sink, ceramic hob, induction and all other hobs, tiles, faucets, oven, refrigerator, extractor fan, worktop, kitchen furniture, pots and many moreu2026.. u2013 Simply for everything, streak free. In the bath, removes lime scale effective; Washbasin, toilet, shower tray, shower walls, bathtub, faucets, tiles and much moreu2026. - Simply for everything, high gloss included. Throughout the house, natural clean; Windowpanes, window frames, rubber gaskets, shutters, radiators, mirrors, chimney/fireplace, interior doors, front doors and everything that needs to be cleanedu2026u2026 - Simply for everything, that needs to be cleaned. All around the house, sustainable in harmony with nature; Barbeque and grill, garden furniture, pools, pond liner, greenhouses, planters, lamps. Conservatoryu2026. - Simply for everything, love the environment. Absolute All-rounder u2013 uncomplicated, environmentally friendly, effective; Stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, powder-coated aluminium, gold, silver, brass and copper, tin, enamel, glass, acrylic, crystal, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, silgranite or fragnite, lacquered / sealed wood and mane moreu2026. - Simply for everything, gentle to materials, perfect cleaning. Easily remove all dirt and any stain with only one unique cleaner!! Water stains, water marks, soap residue, fingerprints, make-up, greasy stains, toothpaste, nicotine, streaks of insects, coffee and tea stains, yellowing, flying rust, mouldiness stains in the bathroom, Verdigris, dark discoloration in tile jointsu2026. You will be delighted that cleaning naturally can be so easy!</p>

<p>Universal-Stone is indispensable in commercial kitchens, catering and food processing. Dreamlike shine without polishing, fingerprints have no chance. Preserves effectively without chemicals, food safe. Effectively cleans metal surfaces, stainless steels e.g. Hoods, sinks, dishwasher housing, refrigerators, oven and baking sheets, grill plates, kitchen trays, work surfaces, tile walls, cabinets, counters and counter plates, stainless steel bowls and pans, dispensers, dough machines, screw conveyors, extruder,u2026. - Simply for everything, sustainable cleaning at work. Our satisfied customer base; u2022 Restaurants u2022 Butchers u2022 Bakers u2022 Catering companies u2022 Breweries u2022 Hotels u2022 Hospitals u2022 Laboratories u2022 Dentals u2022 Ship-owner u2022 Cruise ships u2022 And much more</p>

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