Zielinsky Universal-Stein

Zielinsky Universal Bamboo-Cloth

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Hand in hand with our partner we have developed the Ultimate Zielinsky Universal -Cloth.
We are happy to have found a natural product in bamboo that is, like the Universal-Stone, biodegradable. 
The high proportion of bamboo in the Zielinsky Universal Bamboo-Cloth ensure a antibacterial cleanliness.
The Zielinsky Universal Bamboo-Cloth can be used on ALL Surfaces, ideal for smoot and slightly structured surfaces.
Antibacterial cleanliness in the entire household, such as Kitchen, Bathroom and children’s rooms but also in restaurants and businesses. 
The natural premium bamboo cloths are silky soft and have a closed surface and can therefore also be used on extremely sensitive surfaces without doubts such as, glass, mirrors, paints (car paints), screens (TV and PC) coated showers and sinks, high-gloss kitchen fronts, acrylic glass furniture. 
The Zielinsky Universal Bamboo-Cloth absorbs the “foam” of the Universal-Stone particularly quickly and leaves a dry, lint-free and antibacterial surface without streaks. 
After cleaning with the Universal-Stone, use the Zielinsky Universal Bamboo-Cloth to wipe off the “foam” quick and easy.
The Zielinsky Universal Bamboo-Cloth is a perfect addition to the Universal-Stone. 

Tips for a magical result: 
Do not rub in circles on mirrors, windows, high-gloss surfaces and car paintwork. 
Use the Zielinsky Universal Bamboo-Cloth slightly damp for the best results. 

Zielinsky Universal  -Cloth
Format: ca. 35x35 cm
Set, 2 pieces (blue + green)
Premium Quality (300 g/m2) (Silicon free)
Mashine washable – washable up to 60°C, very durable 
(Wash separately and without fabric softener)
Bamboo is a natural product and is naturally degradable.
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant the world. It reaches a maximum height of around 30 meters within 3 months and is fully grown within 3-4 years. As a grass plant, the bamboo is cut and not uprooted, this stabilizes the soil and prevents erosion. 
Material: 66% Polyester, 16% Polyamide, 18% Bamboo 

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